Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC will provide a detailed report of the home inspection. This report can be shared through email to as many parties as requested. Our report is a check list style of report that is easy to read, follow and comprehend.

Problem areas are documented and photographs are included along with suggested corrections.

Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC will not only provide a report but will explain the finding with the potential home buyer to explain what is of major concern to items that are simply cosmetic.

Gold Star Home Inspections, LLC will inspect:

The Grounds
Service walks, Driveways, Decks, Patios, Fencing and landscape


Search for damage, proper flashing, ventilation and drainage.


Includes observation of the entire school of the house. Siding, Brick work, Trim, any penetrations, Doors and windows.


Test the opener and its safety features, check electric service and inspect the concrete slab.


Examine foundation walls at basement, craw spaces and exterior of the home.


Interior Rooms
All rooms are inspected in a systematic process with a check list to insure nothing is overlooked.

All appliances will be started and inspected for any issues.


Heating and Cooling System
The age of each system will be documented. Each system will be examined for damage and safety hazards. Finally each system will be started and run for functionality.


All sinks, tubs and showers will be observed for leaks from the supply side as well as the waste side of the plumbing.


All electrical devices will be turned on and off. Inspect the inside of the main electrical panel for any safety or improper wiring.


Radon test upon request.


Sewer scope available upon request.